“When to enroll?”

You can enroll your child at PRINCETON SCHOOL at any time during the year. Children become eligible after their second birthday.

Eligible for a free space in: Child born between:
Pre-Nursery Must be 2 by September 1, 2015
Nursery Must be 3 by September 1, 2015
Pre- School (K1) Must be 4 by September 1, 2015

“How to enroll?”

To enroll your child at PRINCETON SCHOOL, you will need to fill out an enrollment form. In addition to the application for enrollment, a packet of enrollment forms must be filled out and signed before the child enters the program. Upon confirmation of enrollment, Princeton Program Director will schedule time with the parents to review all forms and requirements.

Please provide the school with important information about your child, including:

  • Evidence of your child’s date of birth
  • Medical history form (where applicable)
  • Your contact, phone and address details, and that of any other parent, guardian
  • Names and contact details of emergency contacts
  • Signed child pick-up authorization form


“Does my child have to be toilet trained before starting at Princeton?”

No, but we do encourage your child to make regular visits to the toilet, in addition to their usual changing routine. Staff will always assist your child, however, we encourage the children to develop independence in this area when they are feeling more confident and they are able to make their needs known. If your child isn’t potty trained please use Pull-ups and send your child in these. Also send your child in clothes that are easy to pull up and down and footwear, which is easy to get on and off.

“What about snacks at Princeton?”

A snack and a drink of milk or water should be provided by parents/guardians for the mid-session snack time. Water is available for the children to drink at all times at Princeton. We take your child’s health seriously. We provide tasty, healthy lunches in our kitchen in line with our school systems’ wellness policy. We cut back on frying; fats, sodium and sugars, and we increase our fresh produce, whole grains and lower-calorie choices.